Friday, August 9, 2013

Top Pins of the Week

Every weekend I'm going to post some of my favorite Pinterest pins from the week! I love going on Pinterest because it gives me so many ideas involving fashion, hairstyles, makeup looks, cooking, DIY projects and everything in between. So since I get so many great ideas, I thought I'd share my favorite 5 pins with you to spread the inspiration, or should I say "pinspiration" ;)

My first pick is this cute and classy outfit. I think this is a great outfit that can be easily recreated because it uses basics that you probably have in your closet already! An animal print top can definitely be considered a neutral since it can be paired with pretty much anything, so it is a wardrobe must. A black skirt is also a fashion essential and I love the one worn in this picture. Plus the shoes and the bag are to die for! But you wouldn't need those exact accessories to recreate the look, just get a black bag and some cute neutral shoes and you are good to go! This outfit just looks effortless but still chic and pulled together at the same time.

I love how this closet is organized and it inspires me because I know this would be easy to recreate. There's nothing more depressing than looking at pictures of huge walk-in closets that obviously have been created by professionals, and knowing you will never have that much money to put into yours. But have no fear, this closet would not be expensive to recreate and it is still cute and well organized! I absolutely adore how the shoes are displayed on the shelf, it would be easy to see my shoe collection and pick out a pair each morning. Also, displaying shoes on a shelf can double as home decor! Just because you don't wear them everyday doesn't mean you can't admire them! The storage of the bottoms are also great, it's a great space saver and it's cute how they are separated by color.

Isn't this idea the cutest!? Coming from a person who has been in a long distance relationship for almost 3 years, I think this is perfect for long distance couples. Nothing sounds better than opening a letter from my boyfriend after a bad day. Even though he can't be there, it's nice to have some reassurance and love. Plus, since communicating through texts and the internet is now the norm, a hand written letter is something special.

I think this mug is perfect. Do I need to say more?

:) That is all. Come back next week for more favorite pins!
What were some of your favorite pins this week?

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