Wednesday, October 16, 2013

September Favorites

Long time no post! I've been so busy with school, but I have some great posts coming up for the rest of this month! And despite it being more than halfway through October, I still wanted to post my September favorites, of course!
Essie Lovie Dovie, Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, Revlon Colorstay Foundation

I got this Essie polish from my sister Carol for my birthday! It's such a cute, girly pink color and the formulation is great with it being very opaque. I've also been loving my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush for applying my foundation. The brush is so soft and dense, which helps my foundation to go on smoothly. And speaking of foundation, I've been obsessed with my Revlon Colorstay! It provides great coverage and keeps my face matte despite my oily skin. There is also a version of this foundation for dry skin if that suites your skin better.
Brash Ankle Boots from Payless, Airwalk moccasins from Payless

In the fall season boots are my go-to footwear and these lace up boots from Payless have been my autumn staple! They go with practically every outfit and I love the rich brown color, it's definitely a step up from my usual black boots. I have also been wearing my moccasins a lot, mostly because they are super comfy and are easy to put on when heading out the door.

The necklace on the left is from Forever 21. It is a simple necklace, but I love the contrast of the gold and silver. And it's versatile so I can wear it with a lot of my fall outfits. The necklace on the right was a gift from my boyfriend Steven for our one year anniversary and this past month I have been wearing it a lot more. It's so gorgeous! It's dainty and I put it on whenever I need to add a little something to my outfit, but don't want a huge statement piece.

I got this mug from TJ Maxx and I have been using it constantly whether I'm having tea, coffee, or hot cocoa. This picture doesn't do it justice of how BIG this mug is! It's enormous! I also adore the illustrations; it's just too cute.

Bath and Body Works describes this candle as, "Drink in a delicious blend of apples straight from the orchard accented by traditional mulling spices and a touch of vanilla." This smells exactly like its described, the scent of apples mixed spices and it's perfect for fall! It had been my most burned candle in the month of September.

And here's some random food favorites! I've been obsessed with these pita crackers. I put them in tomato soup and the herbs from the crackers make the soup taste gourmet! I've also been drinking a lot of peach teas, both iced and hot. For iced I love Snapple and the peach lemonade Arnold Palmers.

What have you been loving? Comment below!

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  1. I've been loving pumpkin spice creamer and my crockpot!