Saturday, January 25, 2014

Week of Goals: Do The Things You Love And Believe In Yourself

In my post yesterday I talked about how sometimes I just try to do too much and it causes me a lot of stress, but it also takes away from the time where I can do the things I love. This year I want to really focus on doing things just merely because I enjoy them and not for any other reason. For example, I absolutely love reading but somehow I just never have enough time to fit it into my schedule, but by using my time wisely I could fit it in. I could not check social media websites as much and use that time to read, which sounds a lot better to me anyways. I am hoping to read at least 35 books this year! I am going to make a "to be read" jar soon so I will make a post about that once I am finished with it. Also if you would like to follow me on Goodreads here's my link:
Things I would like to try doing this year are baking and cooking more, learning how to knit, do more DIY projects, listen to music, spend more time outside, and of course work on my blog!

Another thing I want to work on is believing in myself. I know that might sound corny, but it's true. I find at times I just lack self confidence when I have no reason to. For example, when I sit in class I just assume everyone around me is smarter than me, which makes no sense but I just don't think highly of myself. I think this happens to everyone to some extent and I just want to make sure I love myself for who I am and not limit myself because I doubt myself sometimes. For the longest time I really wanted to start a blog but was afraid to because I thought I wasn't interesting enough or no one would read it, and to my surprise people actually really like my blog! It makes me so happy :) So overall, I'm going to build my confidence this year and put myself out there more and make more opportunities for myself.

So that's my week of goals! If you want to share any of your goals, comment below! Next week I'm hoping to do some blog posts about my favorite winter candles, my new exercise routine, and hopefully a hair tutorial. See you then!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Week of Goals: Reducing and Handling Stress

Stress is something that everyone deals with even on a daily basis, whether it's freaking out over a presentation or having a loved one that is sick, stress is just something everyone has to deal with. You can let stress beat you down and ruin your spirits, or you can take that stress and not let it control your life and learn how to manage it, or even reduce it in the first place! I've always been a person who has suffered from worrying too much and been overly stressed ALL the time. Last year, one of my New Year's resolutions was to work on handling my stress and not worry as much and I have come so far, but there is still room for improvement.

One of the ways I would like to work on my reducing my stress and worries is to write in a journal every day if possible. I find that sometimes I don't want to deal with my issues but if I keep them trapped in my head my stress levels just sky rocket but when I write things down I am able to think them through and even see solutions that I didn't see before. Also, just writing thoughts down on paper is therapeutic and it gives me time alone to reflect on my day. It's been shown that people who write about their life every day are healthier mentally than people who don't, so it's even scientifically proven! If you are someone who wants to start journaling but could never really get into it before I suggest you pick out a cute journal you love with a nice pen and make time to write whether it's when you wake up in the morning or before you go to sleep, just keep it consistent so you get into the routine of writing every day.

I also want to not worry about the little things, which I seem to always do. For example, nothing bad could be happening but I always think the worst will happen, and that's not a healthy way to think! In general, I just need to be more positive and it's not easy to do but I believe I can do it! It's almost like I need to train my brain to stay away from destructive thoughts, because they can start out small but spiral into something huge and awful.

For reducing stress, I think by just staying on top of my school work and not trying to do too much at once I can definitely keep my stress levels low. Now, it's easier said than done but even last semester I really improved on doing my homework earlier and I hope to do even better this year. I'm the type of person who will try to do everything that could possibly fit in my schedule and sometimes it's just too much and I need to realize this before I make so many commitments because I should jeopardize my mental health. I could be involved in every club and take lots of classes but I would just stress myself out and nothing I do would be great quality, so I need to do less but do it with everything I got.

So there's my thoughts about stress! How do you guys deal with stress? Comment below!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Week of Goals: Healthy Lifestyle

This week I will be discussing one of my goals for this year every day and how I plan to make it happen. I know this "New Year's resolution" post is late, but I started this year with a nine day cold which as you could imagine, set my schedule back a bit. However, I feel that it is still a good time to think about goals since the semester is just about to start and some of my resolutions deal with school and in general school takes up a lot of time and makes it harder to focus on my goals. As you can tell from the title of this post my first goal is to just be overall more healthy. This includes both working out and the way I eat. I know this is something that everyone typically has as a New Year's resolution, but I hope that by setting specific goals for myself will help me change my health.

First of all, I want to be more active. I feel better when I work out and I just feel like my body works so much better when I exercise a few times a week, but often I just don't have the motivation or drive to do it. I think a part of this is I never found workouts I really enjoyed, but recently I stumbled upon a Youtube channel called Blogilates which was created by Cassey Ho, a fitness instructor. Her videos make working out so much fun and I think it is great particularly for a younger adults and teens, but can be for anyone! She has 5 minute workout videos which is perfect for someone who is busy, workout routines that are choreographed to pop hits, and she even has a Hunger Games workout video! How cool is that!? If you have trouble finding workout routines that you like, I definitely recommend her channel.

Yesterday I did her 5 Minute Ab Express, Sexy Legs for Cocktail Dresses, and Applause Arms and although today I am sore but I had so much fun doing the workouts and I can't wait to try out her other videos. The great thing is that since the videos are on Youtube they are FREE (who wants to have to buy multiple DVDs?) and you can choose different workouts every day if you wanted, like you can focus on arms one day and your booty the next! I also love her enthusiasm and passion for fitness and her excitement is really contagious!

Other ways I want to be active this year is to do yoga because I truly enjoy it. A lot of people think yoga is easy, but it really does require a lot of effort! I have a yoga DVD that is for beginners and the first time I did it I thought I was going to die! But after I did the workout routine a few times, I started to get better and really loved the way it made me feel. Yoga combines stretching with strength so I can finally work on my flexibility while toning my body and building muscle. It is also really relaxing, which is great for me because I tend to get stressed easily. I hope to try a yoga class so maybe that will happen this year! I also love taking long walks when the weather gets nicer so I hope to take at least a mile walk every day once spring comes and even take a few hikes! Overall, I would like to work out four times a week and I am really going to make it a priority!

I also want to make sure I am getting enough sleep so my immune system works the best it can because it always seems when I lose out on my beauty sleep I get some sort of sickness, or overall just feel terrible. I need my eight hours and since I am going to be getting up early I need to go to bed earlier, which has been getting surprisingly easier over the past couple years, it makes me feel old! I just have to make sure I get my work finished earlier in the day so I don't have to stay up super late doing my assignments, like my anorexia paper last semester that I didn't start until nine at night... oops!

I also need to focus on what I eat. I have intestinal and bladder issues so I have to be careful I am eating and drinking because it can make me sick. Generally, I want to try to stay away from sugary products (all sweeteners, not just raw sugar) and I never realized before how much sugar I was consuming every day! It seems like sugar is in everything! For example, granola bars are advertised as being healthy but they generally have 8 to 12 grams of sugar, whaaaaaat! And that's a lot considering that it is recommended to have a max of 24 grams of sugar a day for women. Obviously, naturally occurring sugars like in fruits aren't the same as add-in sugars, which is what I am more worried about because they do not have any health benefits. I also need to cut down on processed food and in general have a more balanced diet. This includes eating more veggies and cutting down on my beloved chocolate, which will definitely be a challenge. Junk food seems to be so much more convenient especially when I am busy with school, but it also makes me feel horrible when I eat a lot of it.

I'm going to start looking up healthy food ideas on recipe websites, blogs, and of course Pinterest! Funny thing, I was looking at my food board on Pinterest and it was literally almost all desserts! Ah! I need to pin some healthy foods to get myself motivated for better eating. I also want to start preparing healthy snacks at the beginning of the week so when I need something to eat I can just go in the fridge and already have some veggies cut up and ready for nomsing, (And yes, I just said nomsing). Having healthy snacks always ready makes it just as convenient as opening a bag of chips!

Last year I managed to cut out pop and coffee because they both started making me feel sick whenever I had them, plus pop is just really bad in general. This year I want to continue cutting out unhealthy foods and drinks so I can feel better overall (I'm looking at you Oreos!) I also I want to have better self control when it comes to foods and eating in moderation. For example, if I want something sweet I should eat a couple cookies, not ten! Just the other night I ate one cookie and then without even realizing it I had way more than I should have by a long shot. But I think it is always important to still treat yourself even when you are eating healthy, just keep everything in moderation.

So there's my healthy lifestyle goals for this year! What fitness and health goals do you guys have this year? Comment below! Tomorrow will be my goal post involving reducing and handling stress, so make sure to check back then!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bath and Body Works Haul

There's nothing better than Bath and Body Work's semi annual sale! I was at the store a few weeks ago and I got some really great deals and obviously stocked up. I think I might have enough lotion to last me a lifetime!

I've never tried their body butters before but I was so happy to find them for only four bucks each! And that's ridiculously cheap considering they are usually 15 dollars. They are super thick lotions and they are great to put on at night so it can soak in while you sleep. And even though they are very moisturizing, they are not greasy. I got the scents Pink Chiffon, Paris Amour, Warm Vanilla Sugar, and Carried Away.

Pink Chiffon is one of my favorites scents so I got a travel sized body wash and body spray for when I'm traveling.

I like using the regular lotions as hand lotions mostly, but I like them for summer too as body lotions because they are light. I got the lotion in Beautiful Day and Be Enchanted.

I love Bath and Body Work's golden sugar scrub. It's the perfect body scrub for the winter because it makes your skin super moisturized even after you rinse off. This wouldn't be a product I would use for a morning shower, but rather at night so it has time to soak in after. This product is upwards of 16 dollars and I got it for about a third of the price. I also got a creamy body wash in Sweet Pea which I have never tried before but I am sure it will be great.

Lastly, I got a mini candle in Spiced Apple Toddy for only two bucks. It's a very warm scent with a mix of apples and cinnamon which are two of my favorite things!

Overall I only spent $34.11 and saved $95.13! Crazy right? The sale is still going on for just a few more days so make sure to stock up now! And Bath and Body Works always has great coupons so make sure to sign up for their e-mails and always search for coupon codes online!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Top 13 Beauty Products of 2013

Another year has come and gone and 2013 left me with lots of beauty products that I love! So today I am sharing with you 13 products that I used the most this year in no particular order. Here they are!

1. Bath and Body Works Body Spray and Body Cream
It's no secret I love Bath and Body Works and I've been using the body sprays and body cream all year long in a variety of scents, but Pink Chiffon has to be my favorite. It smells so sweet and girly and is perfect for the summer time. I love the body creams because they are super moisturizing but not greasy.

 2. Batiste Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo has been my savior over the past year. I've been growing out my hair and it's very important not to over wash long hair so it doesn't dry out and become brittle, so using this between washes has kept oil at bay and gives me voluminous, clean roots. Plus, it has a great scent!

3. Cerave Lotions
These are my holy grail face lotions. I use the moisturizing lotion as my day lotion and it moisturizes without making my face oily and settles into my skin very quickly. It's quite a light lotion. I use the cream at night, which is thicker and more moisturizing but it still does not make me greasy. I have oily skin and finding a great lotion can be difficult, but these are the best!

 4. Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara
This has been the mascara I've used most of the year and it's been one of the best I have ever used! It's definitely more of a lengthening mascara, but there are absolutely no clumps. One coat gives my lashes a natural boost but more coats lengthen and thicken my lashes to give a glam look. Overall, this is definitely a no fail drugstore mascara!

5. Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Beige

This is one of the most important products in my beauty routine and the most useful! This cream shadow can either be a base for powder shadows or it can just be worn alone. It just brightens up my eyes in the morning and it even looks great on my inner corners. The unfortunate thing is this was a limited edition product but they have a similar one in the permanent collection. I don't know what I'm going to do when I use this all up!

 6. Remington Curling Wand
Curly hair is my favorite look and this hands down is the best curling wand out there, and it's at such a good price too! When I use this my curls do not fall and it's super quick to curl all of my hair. Even if you have pin straight hair that cannot hold a curl, try this! I swear, it will change your life!

7. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

I use this brush to put on my foundation and it's such a great brush for the low price. It blends my foundation to give me a flawless finish and I definitely recommend it to everyone along with all the other Real Technique brushes!
8. Rose Salve from Bath and Body Works

I use this every night before I go to bed and it makes my lips so soft and heals them in the harshest winter months. Plus it has the most lovely rose scent!

9. Malibu Hard Water Treatment
At my house I have well water which is considered "hard water" because it has a lot of minerals in it. The minerals build up on my hair and gives it a brassy tone, but this treatment rids of the minerals and the brassy color. I usually leave it on 20 to 30 minutes in a shower cap and I rinse it out then proceed with shampooing and conditioning my hair. It leaves my hair so soft and looking incredibly healthy!

 10. Urban Decay's Naked Palette 2
It's no surprise that this has ended up in my yearly favorites because I love my Naked 2 Palette! I can create any look with this: day, night, smokey, natural, the list goes on and on. Urban Decay shadows are the best quality shadows I have ever tried and their Naked Palettes are a huge hit among the beauty community. They do not fade throughout the day and have great pigmentation. Believe me when I say this is worth the money, and if you are thinking about getting it you totally should!

11. Revlon Colorstay Foundation
This is a great medium to high coverage foundation that gives a flawless finish. I've never found a foundation that makes my skin look as amazing as this does. There are different versions of this, one for oily/combo skin and one for dry skin so it provides something for everyone. This is another highly popular beauty product that definitely lives up to the hype.

12. NYX Blush in Pinched
This is my most used blush this year and it just gives me the most beautiful glow! This is such a pretty coral-pink color with golden shimmer and is particularly beautiful in the summer, but is wonderful for all year round.

13. Tangle Teezer
Last, but not least, is the Tangle Teezer. Combined with my Aussie leave-in conditioner this combs through my wet tangly hair with ease. It took a little while to get used to a brush with no handle, but now I do not use anything else! If you suffer from tangly, unmanageable hair especially when it's wet, try this!

And those are my yearly beauty favorites! What were your favorites of 2013? Leave a comment below. And I hope you all have an amazing 2014 with tons of great beauty products discoveries!