Saturday, January 25, 2014

Week of Goals: Do The Things You Love And Believe In Yourself

In my post yesterday I talked about how sometimes I just try to do too much and it causes me a lot of stress, but it also takes away from the time where I can do the things I love. This year I want to really focus on doing things just merely because I enjoy them and not for any other reason. For example, I absolutely love reading but somehow I just never have enough time to fit it into my schedule, but by using my time wisely I could fit it in. I could not check social media websites as much and use that time to read, which sounds a lot better to me anyways. I am hoping to read at least 35 books this year! I am going to make a "to be read" jar soon so I will make a post about that once I am finished with it. Also if you would like to follow me on Goodreads here's my link:
Things I would like to try doing this year are baking and cooking more, learning how to knit, do more DIY projects, listen to music, spend more time outside, and of course work on my blog!

Another thing I want to work on is believing in myself. I know that might sound corny, but it's true. I find at times I just lack self confidence when I have no reason to. For example, when I sit in class I just assume everyone around me is smarter than me, which makes no sense but I just don't think highly of myself. I think this happens to everyone to some extent and I just want to make sure I love myself for who I am and not limit myself because I doubt myself sometimes. For the longest time I really wanted to start a blog but was afraid to because I thought I wasn't interesting enough or no one would read it, and to my surprise people actually really like my blog! It makes me so happy :) So overall, I'm going to build my confidence this year and put myself out there more and make more opportunities for myself.

So that's my week of goals! If you want to share any of your goals, comment below! Next week I'm hoping to do some blog posts about my favorite winter candles, my new exercise routine, and hopefully a hair tutorial. See you then!

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