Saturday, February 22, 2014

Book Review: Under the Never Sky

Guess what? I read an amazing book! I really want the sequel now but alas it's full priced even as a Nook book so I will have to get in from the library. My book review can also be found on Goodreads here.

Under the Never Sky took me by surprise! I wasn't expecting much when I started the book since I had seen some mixed reviews. Plus, the beginning is a bit confusing with a complex world that isn't entirely explained and it was also slow, so I didn't have high hopes. However, this book ended up exceeding my expectations by a long shot. It's a dystopian young adult novel that takes place in a land where people live in the Reverie, which separates them from the dangerous lands of savages. In the Reverie, people can live in through a virtual world, the Realms, and do not become sick or hurt. Aria is a resident in the Reverie, until after a series of events she is forced into the land outside where she must face the frightening stories she always feared and reconsider the place she called home.

First off, the narration was interesting because it's in the third person, but the chapters alternate between the two main characters, Aria and Peregrine. I was unsure of how that would work but the writing was amazing! I find more often than not alternating between perspectives annoys me, but Veronica Rossi did it perfectly!  I absolutely love these characters. Aria is someone who I connected instantly with because she's just a  normal girl. Sometimes in dystopians female characters are portrayed in an unrealistic manner in that they are all of a sudden super badass or are totally helpless when thrown into a new situation. Aria is a healthy mix of these and I loved seeing her grow throughout the book. Peregrine, or Perry, is an outsider that has special gifts and has a lot of inner turmoil. At first, I really had a hard time connecting with Perry but as he opened up I gradually fell in love with him. I really felt for not only these characters, but pretty much everyone the book. There's nothing better than a novel with characters who you actually care about and have great transformation. The characters make this book truly special.

I love how this book has everything: sci-fi, adventure, romance, and amazing characters. My heart would be pounding one minute with rising action then I'd have butterflies the next. It's a book that will be hard to stop reading once you've started and once you're finished you'll need the next book! 5/5 stars

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  1. I just finished a book by Andy Andrews and LOVED it!! I am very interested in personal development books and Andrews does a great job of weaving "life lessons" within this fictional based writing!! {{Title: The Noticer Returns. **It is the second in the series! The first book is titled: The Noticer.}}