Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day Inspiration: Nail Polish

This week I am going to be doing some posts inspired by Valentine's Day, which I know some people love and some people hate. But let's be real, you don't need to go on a fancy date to justify buying some cute pink, red, or purple nail polish! Treat yourself! You could be sitting on your couch watching Netflix and eating popcorn on the 14th, but still have some fabulous nails. So here are my favorite Valentine's Day inspired nail polishes.

OPI Wing It!- This was a limited edition summer OPI nail polish that I got years ago, but it's just such a pretty polish! It's red with purple/red glitter and even though you can't get this polish anymore, I am sure there are dupes for this or similar red glitter polishes.

OPI Instyle Red- I got this for free with my subscription for Instyle magazine and this polish is a bold, bright red. It's very classic and perfect for Valentine's Day!

China Glaze Igniting Love- Just the name alone justifies this polish being on this post! It's a brighter red than the previous OPI and has more of an orange undertone. This is also going to be a great nail polish for summer.

Revlon Enchanting- I love love love this purple. It looks absolutely stunning on the nails and is just a lovely mid-toned purple with a subtle shimmer. This is definitely a polish that you will get compliments on!

Ulta Celebutante- This polish is similar to the Revlon one, but it's a few shades darker and does not contain any shimmer. It's a great solid color!

Sally Hansen Rock Bottom- If you want to go for the dark purple look, I recommend this one. It has a subtle shimmer and would look great for a dinner date!

Revlon Sheer Pink- If you want a polish that is not "in-your-face" but is still pretty, you should go for this Revlon one. It allows you to be festive without being over the top if you are more of a neutral polish kind of girl.

Essie Lovie Dovie- Again, here's a polish with a great love inspired name! This is a bright pink that honestly just makes me happy when I wear it. And with this snowy weather, you need a polish to liven things up!

Sinful Colors Soul Mate- This polish is gorgeous. It is a dusty rose color that would look great with any complexion! I wore this before with silver glitter on my ring finger and it was adorable.

Hope I could give you guys some great suggestions! Comment below which nail polish you'll be wearing for Valentine's Day :)

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