Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Finals Week Advice

Hey guys! School has been keeping me very busy, which explains my lack of posts lately. In the spirit of the end of the school year I decided to post about my finals week advice. The last couple weeks of school is always hectic with so many projects and papers due, along with exams galore! So here's some of my tips to make your end of the semester successful:

1. Remember to take care of yourself
I find when I have so many assignments due I often don't take care of myself as much as I should. For example, I tend to eat more junk food which is so bad because it just makes me feel worse and slows me down. I'll also want to wear sweatpants and hoodies all the time, which honestly makes me feel even more tired. I suggest taking some time out of your studying to apply a face mask or even just put on a new nail polish. Pampering yourself when you feel over stressed can help to take a step back, have some time to think, and just give yourself a nice break. And I would recommend just giving yourself 10 extra minutes in the morning just so you can give yourself a little time to get ready. I feel a hundred times better when I at least wear a cute, but comfy outfit and put on some mascara and lip gloss. It will make you feel awake and also feel good about yourself on test day! Here's some outfits I found on Pinterest that I think are perfect for the last couple weeks of school.

2. Take Breaks
It is so important to take breaks when you are studying. If you don't take a break you don't give yourself time to process things and cramming is never a good idea. I believe for every 30 minutes of work you are supposed to give yourself a 5 minute break, but if that doesn't work for you work for an hour or so then take a longer break. I recommend getting out of your dorm or house and taking a walk. It will help you relieve some stress and get your body moving! Also remember to eat some healthy snacks during your breaks like some berries, almonds, or pretzels and hummus.

3. Sleep!
I know sleep seems like the least of your worries come finals week, but it's so important! Sleep helps you to process and remember all the information you're studying, and cramming until dawn is not a great idea. Plus, I know when I get little or no sleep I'm a nightmare, and in no condition to take a final! So even if you're tempted to pull an all-nighter, I would suggest to get at least some sleep because that's better than no sleep.

4. Don't Stress The Things You Can't Control

It's the night before your test, you've studied your butt off and feel like you know the material. But what if your professor makes the essay question something you missed in the reading? Or what if you get to the test and don't know anything? When you think like this: STOP! This spiral thinking will only make you anxious and stressed and there's nothing you can do to control these things. You can only do what you are able to and there's no sense in stressing out over things you can't change, like the setup of the test or questions asked. It's way better to get some sleep instead of being up all night worrying! Make a cup of tea, go over your notes one last time, and get some rest.

5. Be Confident In Yourself
When you take your finals it will actually help you if you believe that you know the material and can do well. Having a positive attitude will help put you into the right mindset to take the test. You've studied hard, you know this stuff! You will do well!

Then after you've finished finals week throw yourself a party and sleep for a week ;)

And remember...

Good luck on your finals everyone! You CAN do it!

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