Friday, September 26, 2014

Summer Wrap-Up

Summer is officially gone and fall is here to stay! I just wanted to make a blog post about some outfits I wore and also what I did over the break! Hope you enjoy!
Top and Shorts: H&M, Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson
 Top and Shorts: Forever 21, Flats: Old Navy, Bag: Urban Expressions, Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson
Top and Shorts: Old Navy, Necklace: Forever 21, Sandals: American Eagle

Here's my summer photo album!
Carol's Prom

I did her hair :) Turned out so great!

Isn't she beautiful!

Carol's Class Night

Carol's Graduation

Sister love!

Fourth of July fireworks!


Vacation in Cape Cod, Massachusetts! First time to the ocean!

What did you all do over the summer? Get ready for fall posts!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Lush Haul

Lush is one of my favorite places to shop! They sell bath and body products that have simple ingredients and they are environmentally conscious. The sales associates know EVERY product and offer great tips and advice! I'll give you an overview of the products I have recently purchased and share my thoughts in mini reviews!

This Tea Tree Water is a spray toner. It is great for oily and acne prone skin, which I definitely have! This toner is so refreshing and calms my skin. It's now a step I never skip in my skin routine! I wouldn't say it has significantly reduced oil, but it has helped prevent acne and clear my pores. I either spray it directly onto my face or spray it on a cotton pad and wipe down my face after I wash my face.

Next, we have Hair Doctor! This is a hair and scalp mask that has saved me. My scalp has a lot of issues, including flaking, product build up, and has generally been unhealthy. This mask reminds me of Vicks, which sounds odd but it works brilliantly because that invigorating feeling can now be used for your scalp! It clarifies and removes build up, but at the same time does not strip your scalp, but actually moisturizes it too! Plus, the flakes are gone! It takes a couple times to get used to this product because you use this when your hair is dry, so it can be difficult to apply. What I like to do is section off my hair and apply the mask directly onto my scalp. Plus, I've used this on my hair too. Scalp care is not glamorous, but this product is a must have!

The Charity Pot is a cocoa butter lotion and is super moisturizing, which is perfect for the coming winter months. It can get a little oily, but used in moderation it provides the perfect amount of moisture. I love using this on my hands before bed. Lush teams up with charities and gives them 100% of the proceeds and this time they were raising awareness about the killing of sharks over their fins. Sharks are brutally attacked for their fins and then are left in the ocean to die, poor sharks. They were also selling soaps with little fins sticking out of them too, which was cute. There's nothing better than buying lotion and helping out a charity at the same time!

Coalface is a facial cleanser that is for oily and acne prone skin. It is clarifying and makes my skin feel super clean. It can be a little stripping, but for oily skinned individuals this won't be much of an issue. Just pair with a lotion and you're set! I got a sample of this with my purchase and I am really enjoying it. It is a solid cleanser so you just wet it and massage it into your face.

Rose Queen is one of my all time favorite bath products. This is one of Lush's bath bombs, which is basically a product that fizzes and dissolves into your bath. Rose Queen is so great because it releases pieces of real roses into your bath, along with coloring the water a beautiful pink. And also, it smells amazing. This would be a great gift or you can treat yourself! You must try this!

Butterball is another amazing bath bomb. It is filled with pieces of cocoa butter that dissolve into your bath. It smells heavenly and is super moisturizing! Butterball is perfect for baths in the colder months.

Tisty Tosty is another rose bath bomb, but I have yet to try this one! I can tell you though that is smells amazing and I just love how it's in the shape of a heart! Also, a tip with bath bombs is you can cut them into pieces to get more than one use out of them. I can usually get two.

Dorothy is my favorite Lush bubble bar. It smells so fresh and is a mixture of floral and fruit. The scent is hard to describe but if you are ever near a Lush store you MUST smell this. You won't regret it! Just crumble a piece of this bubble bar under the running faucet to get a bath full of bubbles!

What Lush products are you guys dying to try? Comment below!