Friday, January 2, 2015

Thoughts on 2014 and 2015 Resolutions

Another year has come and gone, and I feel drastically different at the end of 2014 than I was at the beginning. I am amazed how much difference one year can make and I have learned so much about myself in 2014. So let's reflect on this past year and make goals for 2015!

Things I've Achieved in 2014:

1. Learned to Love Myself

I feel like throughout my teenage years I was focused on being someone else or not liking myself because I am not stereotypically "cool" or "popular." I also had a really tough time trying to figure out who I am, especially since I transferred from FIT and gave up my dream of being a fashion merchandiser. Going to New York City for college was my dream and it was heartbreaking to realize that it wasn't actually what I wanted anymore. It took me a couple years to get over this because I felt like such a failure moving back home and not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. This was the first year that I have felt content of where I am in life and who I am. Of course, I will continue to discover who I am because that's just a part of life and who knows who they truly are at 21!? This year I feel like I could accept myself, a 20-something girl whose academic, but also loves fashion, make-up, and doing my hair. A person who likes to read rather than going out. A person who sometimes feel too old for her age. Someone who wants to be in a helping profession. I also struggled because I felt like I couldn't be the person who I truly am because I felt pressured to pick and choose what part of myself I wanted to be. For instance, I couldn't have any other interests besides fashion while at FIT or I can't have a fashion/beauty blog and go into a helping profession. Then I realized I don't need to fit myself into a stereotype. I can be whatever I want to be, and that set me free.

2. Self-Confidence

Along with learning to love myself I have gained self-confidence! This ties into self-esteem, realizing my worth, what I'm good at, and embracing who I am. Being confident is a work in progress, but I feel like in 2014 I began to get on the right path.

3. Being Independent

In 2014 I felt confident in my decisions and did not rely on others as much to help make my decisions. This makes me feel like I am more of an adult (which is scary!) but it's great to feel like I can make it on my own. This will definitely come in handy in 2015! And the rest of my life... :P

4. Have a "Go-Getting" Attitude

I have always been an anxious person who fears new opportunities, but in 2014 I really put myself out there! I completed two internships, was president of a club at school, applied to be a learning assistant, quit my job of four years after finding a new job, applied for scholarships and got one, among other things! I've had a really productive year and if I didn't drop my fears and wallowed in my anxiety, I would have never put myself out there. Three cheers for anxiety not ruling my life!

5. More Health Conscious

I am not totally where I'd like to be health wise, but in 2014 I started to make the change. I began embracing a more active lifestyle, and even though it didn't work so well during this past semester, I'm proud of myself for trying. I also started to be conscious of what I was eating and aimed for healthy choices, which was a real struggle in 2013. I am in the right mindset for an even healthier lifestyle in 2015!

2015 New Year Resolutions:

1. Embrace Change

2015 will be a year of change since I'll be graduating college, moving somewhere totally new, and going to graduate school. Usually, I get really anxious about change, but this year I'd like to embrace the changes in my life and all the positive things that are coming. New situations can be stressful, but I just need to put my worries into perspective, take some deep breaths, and welcome the changes with open arms.

2. Be Financially Responsible

As I mentioned, I'll be moving out, which is expensive! I really need to focus on how much money I am spending and what I am spending my money on. This will be hard, but necessary. Goodbye to buying Bath and Body Works candles every chance I get (I have like 30 though, so I need to use those up anyways). I've never really had to focus on budgeting my money, but now that I'll have more expenses it will be a very important skill to have.

3. Be a Minimalist

Since I'll be trying to save money I think it's the perfect time to be more of a minimalist! Instead of having a bunch of stuff I don't really use, I would like to have a smaller amount of things I really enjoy and use. This can be applied to make-up, clothes, home stuff, you name it!

4. Exercise More/Healthy Eating

As I previously mentioned, I have made some progress in the my health in 2014, but in 2015 I really want to make a significant change. The difference in 2015 compared to last year is that I have the motivation to have a healthy lifestyle and my boyfriend will be eating healthy and working out too, which makes the whole process easier. My plan is to focus on eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water, and eating less processed foods. I also will be doing Blogilates, which is my favorite way to workout! If you've never heard of Blogilates you NEED to check it out! It is run by Cassey Ho, who is a certified fitness instructor and she posts workout videos to Youtube along with exercise plans, health recipes, and constant motivational resources! I find her workouts to be fun and effective. Yoga is another way I really enjoy working out. I also might start going to Zumba again and may attempt to run, maybe.

5. Have More "Me" Time

I achieved a lot in 2014 but I was also under a lot of stress for most of the year! By December I was so burned out and I do not want to experience that again. I would like to incorporate more time for relaxing and hobbies in 2015, while still balancing all my commitments and school work. Even if I can just make time each night to read and treat myself to some pamper nights every once in a while I think it will make a huge difference in my stress levels. Plus, I'd like to really focus on writing blog posts this year because I love it and it makes me so happy!

6. Organize My Time

I am a very hard worker, but I am also a procrastinator. Sure, I made some progress this year on starting things earlier, but I also had more to do so it didn't really help. In 2015 I want to plan out each day and stick to my to-do list. I also invested in a beautiful planner, which will definitely motivate me to be more organized. Expect a blog post on that later this month!

7. Journal

This is a goal I made for 2014 that I didn't follow through on. I think journaling would be so beneficial in terms of stress and emotional well-being but I never have the motivation to write, which I would usually do before bed. I think if I wrote in the morning it might help to keep me on track.

8. Learn How to Cook

So since I'll be moving out I definitely need to learn how to cook some awesome meals! I want to learn how to cook this year (more than grilled cheese or burgers). I think this will be so much fun and it's a great goal to tackle with my boyfriend because he enjoys cooking. I already have a list of Pinterest recipes, so I'll have to write blog posts on how my cooking adventures go!

There's my new year resolutions! I would like to thank everyone who reads my blog and for the kind comments over the past year. I never expected people would enjoy my blog and it makes me over the moon happy that people read it :) 
Here's to a new year with so many amazing possibilities ahead!
Comment your resolutions below!

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