Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lush Bubble Gum Lip Scrub

I am a total Lushie. Ever since I was introduced to Lush a couple years ago I've been obsessed with their products. I started out by using the fun and colorful bath bombs then I gradually started getting into their skincare. And best of all, they believe in no animal testing and fresh products! Today, I bring you my review of the cult favorite- Lush's Lip Scrub!

Lush has Bubble Gum, Popcorn, and Mint Julips version of the lip scrub. I decided to go with bubble gum because I love sweets and the pink color is gorgeous! The purpose of a lip scrub is to remove dead skin from your lips, which is so important when applying lipstick. Flakey lips and lipstick is never a good combo. Surprisingly, I have never used a lip scrub before! I've always used a damp washcloth to gently remove any dead skin.

I love that there isn't a never ending list of ingredients in this lip scrub. It's basically sugar and jojoba oil, which definitely helps with moisturizing your lips. To use this product all you do is take a tiny amount out of the pot and rub it onto your lip with your finger. Then, you can either wipe the off the excess or lick it off, which sounds odd but it's totally safe and even tastes good! I mean, it is sugar after all!

Prior to trying this product, I was nervous it would scrape my lips and be very harsh. However, this product removes any dead skin very gently and leaves my lips so soft. This product is a must for anyone who loves wearing lipstick and anyone who struggles with dry, flakey lips. This lip scrub will be so useful when the weather cools off because my lips and cold weather do not mix well.

Overall, I love this product! You should definitely give it a look whenever you are in a Lush store. Have any tips for dry lips? Comment below!

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